Home Is Wherever I’m With You.

Photo: From My Friend’s Facebook

I stole this off my friend’s facebook page. I’m not sure where he stole it from though – he’s German and I don’t understand many, actually any, of his posts. But I love it because it shows that no matter how small the space, you can make it luxe and cool and home.


20 thoughts on “Home Is Wherever I’m With You.

  1. In New Zealand that wouldn’t be legal.

    As soon as discovered the heavies would be around to check it out, compare it with Building Codes, and shut it down (they’d amend the codes if necessary). We are a democracy down here, you see … it started with the compulsory child-proof fencing of all swimming pools (but not beaches and streams, I still don’t understand that) and went on from there.

    Individuality? Enjoy while it lasts …

      • I live in almost the southest part of Southland — now that IS cool. Chill? Sadly individualists and Characters have a brief lifespan here (that’s why we export so many). In the meantime, I’ve seen more of your blog and love it!

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