I Would Give Anything, Just To Be Like Him.

Oh Errol.

My friend Jen (hi Jen!) just got a puppy, Errol. Welcome Errol! I haven’t met him yet, but I’m so excited he’s a part of our little family. He’s already making the rest of us puppy clucky as hell.

Now Errol is very lucky because he will be utterly adored for all the days of his life, but too many others aren’t. It was only recently I learned about a program here in Australia run by the RSPCA called Safe Beds for Pets. Often in domestic violence situations, pets are caught in the crossfire (harmed or killed), or used as a tactic to get the person to stay, “If you leave, I’ll kill your dog” kinda thing. Sometimes the person works up the courage to leave, only to return because they are so worried about their pet. Safe Beds for Pets puts the animal in a caring foster home while the person gets themselves out of the situation and able to care for their pet again. Genius idea.

If you click on Errol, you can learn more. Maybe donate a little pocket money or see if there’s something else you can do. If you’re not in Australia, there may be a similar program near you.

And for real, even if it’s not a cute little puppy like Errol, don’t be mean to animals. It’s very uncool.



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