With a youth (mis)spent carving them up to cover textbooks rather than doing the study I was actually meant to, I feel fairly qualified to say I know what I like in a magazine. Do you agree that most these days seem kinda derivative and full of ads and not as satisfying to read as they used to? Or maybe they were always like that but you’re a little less discerning when you’re a kid.

In any case, there’s a new one that I think I’m going to love. The fella was given a copy and it was lying around the house so naturally, being a nosey git, I picked it up. First thing, the paper stock is beautiful. It feels substantial, textured and not slimy like most mags these days. And the articles aren’t articles you’ve read a different flavour of a hundred times. They’re about people creating amazing art, design and products who genuinely care about what they do, and putting quality into this over-processed, over-baked, fast food world. About bringing back the detail and craftsmanship.

I think they’re two issues down, with the third on sale soon. Please Smith Journal, keep it up.

P.S. Thanks to jollygoo for the fab photos.

Photos: jollygoo


8 thoughts on “Smithy.

    • It’s cool isn’t it? I love the old world feel & that they’re celebrating detail and the smaller crafts if that makes sense. I hope they can keep up the quality & that it sells so they don’t go under! x

    • I’m the same! So hard to throw away and then I get piles of mags I have no idea what to do with. But it is a great mag, I was looking at it again yesterday. It even has that papery woody smell of a book! x

    • It’s a lovely mag! If you’re in Australia, just any newsagent. If you’re not in Australia, click on the photos & it should take you to their site – you may be able to organise a subscription or contact them. Let me know if you get your hands on a copy & what you think! It’s a men’s mag but I reckon it’s cool. Thanks for your comment! x

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