Salad Daze.

I went to a close friend’s birthday party last night and these people like GOOD FOOD. Many a time I’ve shown up unannounced in the hope they’ll send me home with tupperware containers filled with tabbouleh or hummus made from scratch by some distant cousin or aunt. Heeeaven.

But last night, I really studied the food. Tomatoes tasted like tomatoes. And looked like tomatoes. Lettuce was fresh, crisp and didn’t have the flavour of solidified water. The strawberries could have come straight from a field. Why is it a novelty when food actually tastes the way nature intended? And is the next generation (and the one after and the one after) ever going to know what an apricot is meant to taste like?  It can’t be good for us. It just can’t. Sad huh.



Photos: Vintage Printable



8 thoughts on “Salad Daze.

      • Nice idea! A friend of mine has some similar paintings, watercolour though, that a well known Aussie artist painted her (how lucky is that) & every time I’m there I think to myself they don’t need to check my pockets for the silverware, they need to check them for those paintings! Would look fab, let me know if you do it! x

      • I have seen similar graphics once in Victoria&Albert museum in London, not sure if they still got them. As
        I don’t own my house yet and still do house-share so I would even hang them on the walls in my room x

  1. I have one of those funny old-fashioned pictures with the funny quote and it says:
    “Try organic food, or as our grandparents called it – food! 😉

    • That’s hilarious! Seriously today at work I was talking to someone & I said the exact same thing (well, close), that our grandparents wouldn’t recognise the food we eat today. Mind you, I said that as I was putting a biscuit into my mouth..x

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