Flower Friday.

Photos: Easy Dreamer Photography via Green Wedding Shoes


3 thoughts on “Flower Friday.

  1. Your blog has just cost me an awesome amount of time, and I still never got to the end of it. There’s something addictive here, but especially I love the use of colours (I don’t go much on the stick-insects being used as clothes horses sometimes, but I guess that’s how it’s done).

    I’ll now see if I can download the whole darn thing for perusing at my leisure (my whaaaaat??!?) …

    • Oh but thank you! Yeah I agree about the stick-insect coat hangers. I’m really glad you enjoyed reading this little project of mine, sometimes I feel like I should be a bit more productive with my time but then I wouldn’t have an excuse to hunt out cool stuff. Argus is a bloody cool name I love it!

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