Olive Green With Envy.

Last night I stayed up until midnight (don’t judge me – I’m old) scrambling to enter a pinterest competition where you had to create a board based around green. Thinking everyone would go for the pistachio Ladurée kind of thing, I tried to work around a theme of olive green with tinges of brown. I’ve always had a soft spot for the colour, but I’ve never realised just how classy it is until I saw it en masse on a pinboard. You know how I’m always banging on about some colours looking more expensive than others? Well let’s just say I’ll never look at an olive tree the same way again. Especially if the next olive tree I look at is in the hills of Italy while drinking limoncello watching the sunset. That would be a very expensive shade of olive indeed.

Photo: via emitate.

Photo: via Etsy

Photo: de Gournay

Photo: via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Photo: Blue Owl Stamps

Photo: via Net-A-Porter


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