Nick Brandt.

I’m extremely lucky at work to sit next to my friend who has the same off (off) beat sense of humour as I do. She makes me laugh all day without fail. And I mean really laugh. Like, tears in the eyes, laugh. She also loves animals as much as I do and has this beautiful Nick Brandt elephant shot as her screensaver. Every time I see it I’m shocked by how striking it is. Africa sure is a long way from Australia but it may be getting about that time to pay it a visit.

Photo: via melisaki

Photo: via A Chic Direction

Photo: via Jade HopcroftPhoto: via Jade Hopcroft

Bungle In The Jungle.

I get a little torn with photos like this. On the one hand, I think they’re an incredible reminder of the beauty and power in nature and the amazing talent of photographers, but on the other hand, I hate how some animals are celebrated while others are tormented and horrifically abused within the intensive farming process. It just seems so incredibly unfair you know? If you click through though, you will see some gorgeous imagery.

Photos: via The Boston Globe