Velvet Green.

Yeah so like I said, I’ve become a HUGE gardening nerd. HUGE. Constant trips to nurseries, umming and ahhhing over pots, sneakily grabbing random cuttings on walks, surfing the net to try and learn what the hell to do with said cuttings, running out in the morning to see what has changed or blossomed. I love it.

And I’ve just found a girl after my own heart – Kelly Ash. Horticulturist, writer, photographer.

Photos: Kelly Ash

An Aussie Party.

A little while ago an Aussie wedding on Green Wedding Shoes caught my eye. It was stunning, simple, beautiful. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and how much I loved the warmth projected. So when my lovely friends at Elle Decor South Africa asked me to contribute a guest post for their International 25th Birthday issue – lightbulb moment. And how beautiful are Tim Coulson’s photos? De-vine.

Photos: Tim Coulson

Reunited And It Feels So Good.

These two kill me. I stumbled on their blog a couple of years ago when they were newly weds in NYC. I loved how big their grins were and how they seemed to get a huge kick out of doing stuff together. And then there’s the outfit choice eye-candy. Not sure how it happened – okay I do, I accidentally deleted all my bookmarks – but we went our separate ways. As luck would have it, they’ve come back into my life. Except it’s not just them now. It’s them plus the cutest three bubbas (if you can count a bulldog as a bubba).

Photos: rockstar diaries