Interesting pins.

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to pinterest, as evidenced by my only having one follower (thank you whoever you are), but damn I love me a pinterest competition. I love the challenge (and excuse) of roaming around the net, seeking out beautiful things/images, often in colours you wouldn’t gravitate to naturally. This time it was yellow. Let me tell you, there ain’t nothin’ mellow about yellow. It is amazing. I sent the final board to my friend who told me about the competition and she said it made her want to wear yellow tomorrow.

The catch? That all the boards go into a draw – no skill involved. If dopey here had maybe read the instructions..

But you know what? If I hadn’t spent all those hours surfing around for ‘lemon’ or ‘sunshine’, how would I ever have known that yellow and I were meant TO BE. You heard it here first. Yellow and I are going steady this summer.

(Oh and if you have nothing better to do and want to see the whole board, just click on the pic).

A Little Ray Of Sunshine Has Come Into The World.

I try not to put too much of the old private life up here because, well, I’m not a Kardashian, buuut I’m an Aunt! I’ve become the person I always dread crossing paths with – offering up photos before anyone asks, going into every detail of her face, the moment I met her, this is the most beautiful baby in the world – like I said, total nightmare. But oh little Grace and I are going to have some fun. Oh yes we will.

Photo: via Yumology


Blood Orange.

I used to live above a store called bloodorange. And let me tell you, this store had my bank account haemorrhaging. Bleeding. If you live in Sydney and have even a mild interest in fashion, I’m sure you know the one.

Despite this, I hold no ill will toward the fruit itself. Love it in cakes, cocktails, salads, juices – everything. Nature is incredible with the colours and foods it gives us isn’t it? We really are so lucky.

Photo: via Taste Food