Nick Brandt.

I’m extremely lucky at work to sit next to my friend who has the same off (off) beat sense of humour as I do. She makes me laugh all day without fail. And I mean really laugh. Like, tears in the eyes, laugh. She also loves animals as much as I do and has this beautiful Nick Brandt elephant shot as her screensaver. Every time I see it I’m shocked by how striking it is. Africa sure is a long way from Australia but it may be getting about that time to pay it a visit.

Photo: via melisaki

Photo: via A Chic Direction

Photo: via Jade HopcroftPhoto: via Jade Hopcroft

Out of Africa.

Not wanting to sound up myself, but I know my way around a magazine. I would spend hours in newsagents instead of going home to do homework. I was the no friends in the library surrounded by hundreds of shiny pages. I’d take more time covering textbooks than reading them. None of which was helped by a godmother who threw me copies of titles from faraway places in languages I still can’t understand.

But Elle Decoration South Africa. Wow. So so so lucky to have been sent a copy of the Winter Issue by the team. Page after page, it’s hard to stop drooling. Extraordinary talent plus the rough beauty of Africa is a lethal combination. Even the surfer/snowboarder/everything-but-an-interior-designer boyfriend muttered some wows. How to choose what to show you without giving it all away?